Ex-Officer Amanda Guyger Will Get Away with Murdering a Black Man in His Own Home

After a hard day of working in his community, Botham Jean, a 26-year-old Black man and pastor of a sort, was gunned down in his own home seven months ago byAmanda Guyger, a white former Dallas officer who had been distracted sexting with her married partner.

In a rare move, Amanda Guyger took the stand in her own defense and used what white girls have always used to overcome the hurdles of justice: Her tears. On the stand, Guyger sobbed as she told how she walked into the wrong apartment thinking it was hers and slayed Botham after he supposedly refused her orders to freeze. From what I’ve read, it was a riveting tale from her perspective, the only perspective we have.

Guyger took a man’s life, did not do sufficient CPR and failed to use the first-aid kit in her backpack to help the victim. She did not follow protocol. If she suspected someone had broken into her apartment, she was supposed to back out and call for backup. Instead, she erroneously murdered a man.

And what will happen to her?

Guyger will not be found guilty of murder, even though she committed a home invasion and committed a murder in the course of that home invasion which would make her eligible for felony murder and the death penalty. No. This crying white girl with blonde hair will either be let off the hook or found guilty of some other lesser charge and serve hardly no jail time.

Put the shoe on the other foot. Imagine a Black man creeping into some white woman’s apartment and slaying her. Imagine the outrage, the unforgiving jury and the unrelenting media. Not once would anyone take his story seriously that he had thought he was in his own home and had killed this woman in self-defense. He would promptly be put on trial, found guilty of murder and thrown into a cell to rot for the rest of his life.

I say, this is America, and for Black men, it will most certainly never be his country.

Published by Professor J

Professor J is a professor, author, poet and screenwriter.

7 thoughts on “Ex-Officer Amanda Guyger Will Get Away with Murdering a Black Man in His Own Home

  1. Then the Black males need to accept that and leave. They walk free among the People solely due to the blood and deaths of a half-million White Americans and yet all they do is complain and commit various atrocities.


    1. U are obviously a racist who knows nothing of history. More Black men have died defending white people in America than vice versa. But I’m not going to school someone who likely hasn’t read a book in full since grammar school.


  2. You can say – and I won’t argue the point – that the Blacks deserved it, but that doesn’t change the FACT that it was Whites that died to give to them as a hand-out.


    1. Make no mistake. The Civil War was about taxes, not Black people. More Black people fought and died in that war than all whites. Black people fought and helped both the North and South. Stop mischaracterizing the war. And learn history.


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