Black Lies Matter: Sheriff Darryl Daniels

As a Black progressive, I consider myself open-minded and accepting of all. I am one who believes no matter your race, religion or cultural background, you have a right to support any political party or politician of your choice. That said, I’m finding it much harder these days to respect Black conservatives, because it seems their only goal is to help oppress Black people. Many Black conservatives come from well-to-do families or have been raised in primarily white spaces, so, even though they have Black skin, they can not and do not support Black freedoms. We must cast these people aside and never allow their poison to infiltrate the minds of our Black youth.

America has created a composite Black person…in the form of conservative, and deaf to Black issues.”

In Florida, Clay County Sheriff Darryl Daniels threatened to deputize every gun owner in his county to suppress Black protestors. Fast forward a few weeks, and this same grandstanding ex-sheriff is being divorced by his wife for cheating. He has also been suspended without pay, pending the outcome of the investigation into the felony of destroying evidence. While he was busy trashing Black Lives Matter, Sheriff Daniels was also cheating on his wife and tainting the sanctity of marriage. This is normally the case of those who grandstand against Black people. It fits him right that he lost his seat to a conservative named Michelle Cook. The people have spoken: Black voices will not be silenced, even by people who only share skin color with Black people.

America has created a new composite Black person. This composite comes in the form of Black, conservative, and deafness to Black issues. These Black conservatives are as far from culturally Black as possible. Black People like Candace Owens and Eddie Johnson (another Black cop against Black people who lost his job after cheating on his wife) are not Black. They do not care about Black people. If they did, Candace Owens wouldn’t be dismissing the murder of George Floyd, and Eddie Johnson would have fought for Rekiya Boyd, a young Black, unarmed woman murdered by an off-duty cop who walked free.

…never let Black youth grow up to think Black lives do not matter.

When Candace Owens or someone like her makes a statement dismissive of Black lives, we must ignore her. We must never let our Black youth grow up to think Black lives do not matter. If you are Black fighting against Black people, the question becomes, who is fighting for you?

*Jermaine Reed is a writer from Chicago who writes fiction, local news stories and national news stories. Please join his email list to get updates on blog posts, writing advice and free books.

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