A Black Call to Arms

White Murderous Thug Who Cops Rode Past Without Arresting

Whatever money you have, if you have not already, go to your nearest gun store and purchase as much legal weaponry as possible, Black people. This includes knives and legal explosives. There is a war on us, and it’s being backed by local, state and federal governments.

Last night, during protests over the unlawful, brutal shooting of a Black man named Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin, by blood-thirsty cops, a white thug armed with a machine gun murdered two protesters and shot numerous others. As police approached in heavily-armed vehicles, the white thug walked towards them, and no one arrested him. He was still armed with the machine gun, and cops had a clear view of him. Black people, this is a call to arms.

Black people, you must arm yourselves and your families and friends

For far too long, from college campuses to project hallways, people have debated police brutality against Black Americans. With the accessibility of cameras and other smart technology, we have proven cops are unfairly brutalizing and murdering Black people. Getting those cops convicted has been tricky. Now, we are contending the criminal justice system handles white criminals differently than Black offenders. This proves it.

Jacob Blake and Son

The white thug slayed two people and shot numerous others and was identified by a witness who recorded the shooting. Yet the police did not stop or question or attempt to make contact with this thug. They let him walk away and later issued an alert for his apprehension. This is a slap in the faces of the victims and their families.

This is not justice.

One of the most aggravating aspects of this case is the media’s referring to this white killer thug as a “vigilante.” When someone thinks of vigilantes, they think of Batman and Superman, who were protecting their cities from bad guys. Painting this white thug as the equivalent of Superman legitimizes his actions and paints his Black victims as the bad guys. This is not justice. In particular, I want to call out TMZ for this bias.

To close, Black people, you must arm yourselves and your families and friends. The revolution will not be televised.

Published by Professor J

Professor J is a professor, author, poet and screenwriter.

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