Black Trump Supporters Are Weird ASF

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Now that the dust has settled, I can address the Johnny Come Lately Trump supporter syndrome infecting Black people across America from the elites to the not-so-elite. What started with a failed reality tv show star (Omorosa) and two unhinged Black women (Diamond and Silk), the Black Trump supporter movement has snowballed into an enormous farce, featuring Candace Owens as the loudspeaker.

Black Trump supporters all have something in common: a willingness to overlook transgressions against Black people in return for second-class citizenship that floats them above the average Black inner-city American. They not only deny white supremacy; sometimes, they perpetuate it. For instance, Candace Owens has argued that white nationalism isn’t that bad. In the link provided, she adds a defense of her words. In the link, a recording of Owens pointed to Hitler and said his actions were fine, until he left Germany for more conflict or “globalization.” Sounds nuts, but this is what Owens believes.

When Hurricane Katrina ripped New Orleans to the ground, rapper Kanye argued former President George Bush’s delayed response proved he “didn’t care about Black people.” Rapper Lil Wayne argued the government was trying to “wipe New Orleans off the map.” Both rappers hinted that racism played a part in the federal government’s fumbling of Katrina. These same rappers have come forward as Trump supporters, even though Trump has consistently shown his racism.

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Black Trump supporters say, look at what Trump did for Black people. They point his criminal justice reform act and stimulus checks. The stimulus checks were a Democrat-led effort. They should get the credit. Trump deserves some, but not a bunch. Maybe 5%. He initially didn’t help stimulus negotiations. As for criminal justice reform, Obama did the same with changing crack versus cocaine laws. Before Obama, crack offenders received ten times as much time as powder cocaine offenders. The only difference was that Blacks were more likely to be caught with crack. Thus, the Fair Sentencing Act was enacted.

“Trump connects with fringe Black people.”

Everything Trump begrudgingly did for the Black community to get votes, Biden and Harris will do on a greater level with better intentions and without stoking racial unrest. Trump is no savior of Black people. He questioned Obama’s citizenship, tried to have five Black teens arrested for a rape they didn’t commit and he attacked Colin Kaepernick for peacefully protesting police brutality which is something most Black Trump supporters downplay or deny exists.

From my own personal encounters, I know Trump connects with fringe Black people. For instance, a close friend of mine and I had a disagreement about Trump, and this friend tells me of a secret alien program Trump is a part of. This friend began telling me about alien conspiracies and why Trump must be re-elected. All of this was nuts. Another friend of mine who supports Trump also reads tarot cards and believes xxxTenacion and the government faked his death.

So, Trump has tapped into the elite weird Black people and the regular weird Black people. His supporters wear Black skin, but white supremacy is their identity. Intentionally or unintentionally, these fringe Black people are trying to lead Black people to slaughter. As a Black man’s neighbor is murdered unjustly by overzealous cops, these white supremacists with Black faces urge the community to disarm itself and ignore the systemic racism infecting their community.

“Do we ever use the phrase ‘white on white’ violence?”

It bothers me to hear the phrase “Black on Black violence” by conservative Black people who bring it up. White people have murdered each other for decades on what some would say are genocidal levels. Do we ever use the phrase “white on white violence”? These same people contend that Black people only make a fuss when cops kill Black people but not when they kill each other. First off, that statement is a lie. Next, when a Black person kills another, when the police catch the killer, they usually throw that killer away for almost life, if not life. When a cop unjustly slays a Black person, the system defends that cop at the outset nearly every time. And almost never do those killer cops face any significant jail time. See the difference?

I write this article to bring attention to the Black conservative self-hater archetype Trump has unwittingly exposed in our community. Black people who deny and spread white supremacy are not Black. They are not a part of our community. They should have no say-so in our politics or general goings-on. People like Candace Owens, Lil Wayne and Diamond and Silk are cancerous to the Black community. They have denied who they are to become what they will never be: white. So, they settle for second-class citizenship with some perks. In order to keep those perks and prevent other Blacks from getting better perks independently, they try to turn Black people into sheep at slaughter time. Do not follow these weirdos.

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