Drake and Kanye Release 2021’s Worst Albums

Left, Drake. Right, Kanye West. Photo by Rap-Up

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If you are absolutely intent on wasting three hours of your life you will never get back, Certified Lover Boy by Drake and Donda by Kanye West are the perfect albums for that. Probably two of the most anticipated albums of the year, Drake and Kanye’s albums have proven to be the longest, boring music put on wax. The two rapppers, who have previously feuded and continue to do so, dropped their extremely underwhleming albums on the same date, and there’s hardly anything good to say about either.

[Drake’s album] promotes a disregard for women…

Years ago, a rapper named Pusha T revealved that Drake had a “bastard” child born to a stripper. No one truly understood the impact of that revelation, except Drake, since he basically made an hour-and-a-half long album discussing all the women he may have indiscriminately impregnanted. The album is filled with toxic masculinity, as Drake promised. It is also promotes a specific disregard for women as a whole.

Rapper Pusha T, who may have single-handedly caused Drake to Release Certified Lover Boy after revealing Drake’s hidden child. Photo by Best Music.

Moreover, what’s really troubling is Drake’s album cover which depicts multiple pregnant emojis of different skin tones. If anything, listeners learn that Drake is not biased. He has no standards. He’ll have anyone from celebs to fans. It just depends on whom he can get into the bed for the night.

Kanye’s album is boring…

On the other hand, heavy with autotune, Kanye’s album is not tasteless like Drake’s. Though his lyrics are underwhelming, Kayne did have a vision for this album. He hosted listening parties and sort of built a culture around his album. At the very least, he’s nearly built a cult. Kayne’s album is boring and feels directionless. It seems like he wants to make a point, but that point is lost within the terribly annoying delivery of his lyrics.

Photo by Vibe.com

To say the least, both albums fall short of the respective talent of their creators (or writers like Drake is known to use). However, Kanye tried to make a point in the memory of his mother. Drake simply made a child support confessional album that listens like a Deadbeat Dad Anthem. Both albums are too long and needed someone to edit the fluff. It’s like Drake and Kanye each recorded nearly two hours of what they call music and just threw it on the albums without first listening. Neither is worth the time it would take to listen to them.

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