Harvey Justice: The Hennessy Robe Guy

Picture from Harvey Justice III Facebook Page

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If you have ever visited Facebook.com, intentionally or unintentionally, you have come across the hilarious Harvey Justice, who got his stardom making videos about Hennessy. Harvey uses his favorite cognac in everything from liquor-infused food recipes to outlandish drinking sprees. With over 1.2 million Facebook followers and over 90,000 YouTube subscribers, the comedian-turned-entrepreneur Harvey has tried to monetize his fame. In doing so, he has created a not-so-concise but intriguing brand that promises to make him rich(er) someday. With a blossoming music career, one has to wonder how Harvey went from making videos about hilariously misusing Hennessy to being a rapper.

…his base product of robes seem well-made and to be in high-demand.

Usually clad in one of his “Daddy” Robes, Harvey’s image is based on mock-sexual appeal and his relentlessly genuine interaction with his fans surrounding his comedy and “Daddy” brand. The brand includes condoms, soap, sleep masks, his comfy robes and more items associated with relaxation. Oddly enough and befitting of his quirky personality, his products are priced with two or three of the same digits in a row. Though expensive, his base product of robes seem well-made and to be in high-demand. Outside of that, Harvey has been making music, and shockingly, it’s not half-bad.

Harvey Justice Modeling His Episode 27 Mink Robe

Harvey Justice’s music is a direct reflection of his image: laidback and stress-free. His song “Love Me Back” is smooth as Hennessy over ice and tackles the woes of love. In it, he asks to be “loved back” and be “loved first.” Over a mellow beat, he pours his heart out concerning the insecurities that come with love, including sex and potential heartbeat. He rebukes hate, claiming to have had enough of it. But Harvey is not a one-hit wonder.

His pain and anguish are almost palpable.

In another song called “Forget About Me” which is about love, Harvey recounts a girl’s telling him to “forget about [her]” if he can not distance himself from other girls. Harmonizing more than rapping, he recounts a close girlfriend becoming his enemy. A step away from his usually playful personality, he laments the ailments of losing a girl whom he has conflicting feelings about. His pain and anguish are almost palpable.

Also, Harvey has a song called “Pancakes and Hennessy” that is reminiscent of the quirkiness that initially got him famous. If he had not made this song, he wouldn’t be himself. While discussing a bad view of girls, he recounts the joys of Hennessy and Pancakes. Unlike many of his other tracks, the beat to this one is hard and bass-heavy. Though some may find the lyrics distasteful, the song itself is more comedy-based than reality.

“Daddy” is a microcosm of the man himself.

From “Daddy” robes and prophylactics to chill, smoke-by-yourself lyrics over butter-like beats dripping heartache and comedy, Harvey Justice demonstrates his many talents and urge to be financially set. Though the “Daddy” brand may be in need of a more concise message, “Daddy” is a microcosm of the man himself. Harvey comes off as a relaxed guy who doesn’t take life too seriously. This magnetic attitude is likely what draws his fans to him in the first place.

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