Wendy Williams Masturbates in Front of Crew and Manager

Talk Show Host Wendy Williams (Center). Photo by PageSix.com

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Since 2008, The Wendy Williams Show has based its success off juicy gossip. Most famously, Wendy Williams once accused Judge Greg Mathis of snorting cocaine and having a threesome with his wife and another woman. As noted by Judge Mathis during a radio interview with Wendy at that time, Wendy Williams was experiencing her own controversies. Her husband had left her for, or was at least cheating on her with, a younger woman, and Wendy had relapsed back into cocaine addiction, leading her to miss important days of filming her show. Most recently, she has been accused of masturbating in front of her crew and manager. The question becomes, is this the end of the road for The Wendy Williams Show?

Is this the end of the road for The Wendy Williams Show?

According to multiple news outlets, last year, the 57-year-old Wendy Williams stripped naked and masturbated in front of her crew and manager. The incident allegedly occurred while she was filming an episode of the show and had become excessively intoxicated.

Photo of Wendy Williams from All About the Tea from Twitter.

Of course, Wendy’s actions are a cry for help. Drug abuse is a symptom of depression, and so is alcoholism. However, it is hard to feel bad for a person who for years spread embarrassing news of others and showed no remorse. It seems as though Wendy only cared about the ratings but not the people she hurt with offensive and sometimes unsubstantiated gossip.

It is a well-known fact that before her show, Wendy suffered from drug abuse. She even referred to herself as a “functioning drug addict”. This is nothing to poke fun at; rather, this is a time to see how one of the most influential television personalities ended up in her current situation, where it seems she may lose it all.

Wendy has made millions disclosing the secrets of others to her audience.

Because Wendy has spent so much time digging into the personal lives of others, it is apparent she did not have time to properly care for her own. She is not to be blamed for a cheating husband. Still, one wonders, how much time could a person who knows the status of everyone else’s marriage properly care for her own?

Moreover, Wendy has made millions disclosing the secrets of others to her audience. She has behaved as judge, jury and executioner in controversy that has taken down dozens or hundreds of others. If nothing else, Wendy is getting back with interest what she has paid out.

Wendy Williams and Her Former DJ, DJ Boof, Who Agrees Wendy Needs Rehab. Photo by Johnny Nunez of WireImage.

Although the last few years of The Wendy Williams Show has been ripe with Wendy’s own personal scandals, her show has not been cancelled. In an age where ratings matter more than the health of the host, as long as Fox Broadcasting can make money off of her, Wendy’s personal end may come quicker than her professional end.

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