Emeka Ossai: Is he worth listening to?

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If you’ve ever looked into self-publishing on Amazon, you’ve probably heard of Emeka Ossai. A charismatic Canadian with a disarming smile, Emeka claims to know the way to sell thousands of dollars worth of books. Through his My Self-Publishing Blueprint course launched over five years ago, Emeka claims to reveal the ways to self-publish a profitable book. As of 5/01/2022, My Self-Publishing Blueprint is closed, but was there any merit to it to begin with?

From poking around online, I found Emeka allegedly has been banned from Amazon KDP, the self-publishing leg of the online giant. Because of shady review practices, he is supposedly not allowed to self-publish on Amazon. In a few of his YouTube videos, he addresses these accusations. And this is where the story gets fuzzy.

It is hard to see where the truth ends…

However, Emeka claims to have sold thousands of books and made a profit doing so. Still, he presents no tangible proof. Instead, he claims to have ghostwritten books that he can’t name due to non-disclosure agreements. In his defense, he does present people who allegedly took his course and made money. It is hard to see where the truth ends and mistruths begin.

I have been told, as cliché as it is, to believe half of what I see and none of what I hear. Emeka’s Self-Publishing Blueprint course is not one I have taken. I’m not sure how beneficial that course is, but I know I have not witnessed any real proof from Emeka that would funnel me into purchasing his course. Maybe the best thing to happen to this course is its closing.

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