Kevin Gates: Why Nice Guys Finish Last

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Recently, rapper Kevin Gates, 36, released the song “Super General” in which he alleged his wife Dreka, 35, cheated on him with her 51-year-old personal trainer. Dreka and the personal trainer’s supposed affair began on a farm, where the two grow their own food. Kevin says on “Super General”, “Personal trainer violated my personal space/deep down it devastated me.” Some outlets have noted Dreka may have been pregnant with her lover’s baby when Kevin Gates was in jail. It seems like Kevin Gates’ emotions got him in the situation with Dreka.

If you keep up with Kevin Gates, you know he wears his heart on his sleeve. For instance, he and rapper NBA YoungBoy had beef. As part of their reconciliation, Kevin Gates got a tattoo of YoungBoy’s face on his own body. When asked why he’d made such an odd move, Kevin Gates responded by saying, “Because I love [NBA YoungBoy].” Before the cheating rumors emerged, Kevin Gates named one of his studio albums Dreka, after his wife. He made his love and attraction for her obvious, but she still broke his heart. So, what does it all mean?

Kevin Gates is not a perfect man, yet he has made it a point to uplift women and treat them with respect. Doing so is honorable. In his music and interviews, he places women on a goddess-like pedestal. He created an atmosphere for his praises to blow up in his face. No human is flawless, but that’s how Gates spoke of his wife. In the end, he proved something the world already knew: Nice guys finish last.

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