Online Dating: Getting the Girl Language

When you and a woman connect online, you have both already seen each other’s pictures, so you know there’s a physical attraction. But how do you go from screen to in-person? It comes down to how you say whatever you say not just what you’re saying. Your goal is to use good grammar and punctuation,Continue reading “Online Dating: Getting the Girl Language”

“Beef” on Netflix: A Fresh Perspective on the American Dream

Beef on Netflix stars Ali Wong as Amy Lau and Steven Yeun as Danny Cho. Both having bad days that turn out to be bad lives, the main characters Amy and Danny collide in a road rage incident. Although no one is harmed, the incident leads to a culmination of sabotage between the two. ThisContinue reading ““Beef” on Netflix: A Fresh Perspective on the American Dream”

Speak the Way You Write, She Said

“Jermaine,” Ms. Willard said, as she took the seat beside me. The other students elbowed each other on the way out the classroom. Looking me in the eyes, Ms. Willard asked, “Why don’t you speak the way you write?” I stayed up for nights on end… I tilted my head to the side. At theContinue reading “Speak the Way You Write, She Said”

“Seinfeld” Reunion: “Something Has to Happen”

*spoiler alert: Details of Curb Your Enthusiasm’s Seinfeld finale will be revealed Seinfeld, a show about nothing, ended with the cast being thrown in jail. That ending didn’t vibe well with most viewers and critics. Looking for redemption, Seinfeld Co-Creator and Head Writer Larry David and the Seinfeld cast did a Reunion that was meantContinue reading ““Seinfeld” Reunion: “Something Has to Happen””

Potential Chicago Mayor Paul Vallas is on a Warpath

With over 85% of votes in, Chicago mayor Lori Lightfoot is in third place, grasping at the heels of Paul Vallas and Brandon Johnson respectively. With the chances favoring Paul Vallas as the winner, the implications of his tenure as Chicago’s mayor could be polarizing. Although he seems like a good candidate, Paul Vallas wouldContinue reading “Potential Chicago Mayor Paul Vallas is on a Warpath”