Remaining Yourself in the Workplace: Protecting Your Identity

J Reed, MFA is a college adjunct English professor and writer from Chicago, who writes fiction, nonfiction and local and national news stories. Subscribe and share to get new self-help articles. Follow him on Twitter @jreed913. Remaining Yourself in the Workplace You’ve made it past the interviews and landed the job you wanted, but the hard partContinue reading “Remaining Yourself in the Workplace: Protecting Your Identity”

Confronting Lazy Coworkers (Or Classmates)

We’ve all been there. You’ve been assigned a group project at work or even at school. The other two or three people on your team are at least attempting to hold their own, but there’s that one late guy who thinks rules of work don’t apply to him. Or maybe it’s an attractive coworker whoContinue reading “Confronting Lazy Coworkers (Or Classmates)”