“Beef” on Netflix: A Fresh Perspective on the American Dream

Beef on Netflix stars Ali Wong as Amy Lau and Steven Yeun as Danny Cho. Both having bad days that turn out to be bad lives, the main characters Amy and Danny collide in a road rage incident. Although no one is harmed, the incident leads to a culmination of sabotage between the two. ThisContinue reading ““Beef” on Netflix: A Fresh Perspective on the American Dream”

TV Show “Woke” Puts Me to Sleep

Jermaine Reed, MFA is a college professor and writer from Chicago, who creates fiction, nonfiction and local and national news stories. Please join Jermaine’s email list to get notifications on new blog posts, writing advice and free books. Get his recently released Science Fiction novel A Glitch in Humanity by clicking here. Follow J Reed on Twitter @jreed913 . *SpoilerContinue reading “TV Show “Woke” Puts Me to Sleep”