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A Glitch in Humanity is my newest science fiction novel. A human slave trapped on a sapient reptilian planet, Imani must escape her captors and save Earth from destruction or watch everyone she loves, including her girlfriend, be destroyed. Will she and her lover be able to do prosper, or will they die trying? Take a read to find out.


Love Less Ordinary” is J. Reed’s Romance Science Fiction novel. Emotionally abused by her husband, Loni must decide between staying with a man who abuses her or leaving him for another man who is a much more than a man.

Find out what Loni Brown did when faced with that decision in this emotional rollercoaster of a book. Spoiler: someone dies.

Don’t forget to grab my suspense thriller Her Daughter’s Empty Casket. When Kanesha Turner’s daughter goes missing, Kanesha goes on a search that leads her back to her very own husband. Now, Kanesha must find what really happened the day her child was kidnapped. 

“Operation Soul Cast” is J. Reed’s Science Fiction novel.

Two hundred years after North Korea exploded a hydrogen bomb above North America, the effects of the radiation are robbing people of the ability to have children. Dr. Jackson and his team of scientists are tasked by the president with curing infertility. Unable to do so, Dr. Jackson decides to use CAST (Centralized Appropriation of the Soul Technology) to bring back a deceased renowned scientist named Dr. Reed who may be able to reverse infertility.

In the process of transferring Dr. Reed’s mind into the body of another person, Dr. Reed’s conscious is unknowingly mixed with that of two animals. Now, the fate of humanity rests in the hands of a man who may die before he can solve the problem. What happens when a failed experiment transforms a brilliant scientist into a murderous subhuman beast? Find out inside.

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